Three Ways To Resettle After A Domestic Situation


Domestic violence, whether it is emotional, physical, or verbal, is a hard situation to deal with. Getting out of the situation takes a lot of courage. If you are ready to leave a domestic violence situation, you will need to make a plan to resettle. Resettling by yourself will make you feel a lot better and help you to restart your life. Here are three ways to resettle when you are leaving a situation of domestic violence. 

Press charges immediately

It is always a good idea to press charges immediately. It is also difficult to do this alone. Hire a domestic violence attorney to help you with the process of filing charges before you go to the police station. Your attorney will be an advocate in the court system and will be able to help you press charges, plus they can represent you in court. There are times when your attorney can go to court proceedings alone, allowing you time to move on with your new life without having to get bogged down in hearings. 

Move into a different state

If possible, it is best to relocate to a different state if you are leaving a domestic violence situation. Moving to a new state puts a lot of distance between you and the person who abused you. A new state provides a buffer between you and that person so that you will be harder to find. Be sure not to leave any clues behind as to where you live. Scout out a place that has jobs available in your career field in order to find a new job position. You also deserve to move where you can live comfortably and without any fear. 

Connect with those who support you

If you have mutual friends with your abuser, it may not be possible to contact them. Instead, you should start to pull together your own support network. If you have family who supports you, have them help you with moving. If any of your family and personal friends can attend court with you, it would be a good idea to have their emotional support. Often those who are abused find it difficult to reintegrate themselves because they were pulled away from others during the abusive relationship. Finding your own way means building up a network of your own. Good support will also mean that you can ask others when you need help, which will help you settle into your own life and become independent. 



23 June 2018

kids being charge with crimes they didn't commit

My son and a group of his friends got in some trouble for trespassing and were arrested. Every one of the boys that were there were charged with trespassing, criminal mischief and vandalism. I contacted all of the other boys' parents and we got together to discuss the situation. After hearing the boys' stories about what happened that day, we knew that we had to hire an attorney to get the boys out of some of the trouble they were in. I have been working on my blog to help other parents that are struggling with the legal system prosecuting their kids for things that they may not have done.