How To Update Your Will The Easy Way


Making a will is important, but it's also just as vital to keep it updated. Many estate planning experts advise people to evaluate their will at least every few years and more often when changes occur. You can always make a new will entirely or you can also use a codicil to update your will. Find out more about using a codicil by reading below.

What is a Codicil?

People have been writing down what they want to happen with their property after they pass away for a very long time. However, using the quill and ink method to record a will was often a long process. Using a codicil shortened that time considerably, though. A codicil is a short amendment added to a will. Today, codicils are still in use and allow for quick and easy changes to be made to a will.

How to Use a Codicil

Discuss matters with your estate lawyer to determine the best course of action for your situation. If you want to make a lot of changes to the will using a codicil, it might be better to make a new will. Too many codicils can cause the will to be confusing. Another problem with codicils is that they are printed on separate pieces of paper. That means important codicils could become separated from the will.

Codicils can change a will in a dramatic manner, and when one goes missing, it can be devastating. If you decide to make a new will rather than add a codicil, it should not be a problem in most cases. Lawyers usually keep a copy of the will, and it can be changed easily using a computer. When a new will is created, the old will along with all its codicils is automatically void. Only the most recent iteration of the will is valid.

If you want to make a few minor changes to the will, a codicil might be the right thing to use. Some common changes to a will that might employ a codicil include:

  • Removing or adding a beneficiary or an asset.
  • Removing or adding a personal representative or executor.
  • Removing an asset that should not be probated.

When your lawyer has prepared your codicil, make sure you keep it with the original will since it is now part of it. To find out more about making a new will or adding a codicil, speak to a will planning attorney near you.


17 February 2023

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