What Does it Mean to Be an Accomplice or an Accessory to Murder?


Murder is a serious crime—and you don't even have to be directly involved to be considered guilty of the crime. Before you get involved with someone else's wrongdoing, you need to understand exactly what you could be getting yourself into. What makes you an accomplice to murder? Essentially, an accomplice is someone who knowingly and willingly participates in an actual crime along with one or more other people—even though he or she is not the principal actor.

8 November 2019

When Work Leads To A Personal Injury


Work-related injuries are usually handled by your employer's workers' compensation insurance. This valuable work benefit pays you a partial wage while also covering your medical needs as a result of a workplace injury or occupational illness. Unfortunately, your financial situation will undoubtedly be impacted as a result of the pay cut and you may still experience pain and suffering. To find out more about certain workplace situations that could result in a personal injury case rather than a workers' comp claim, read on.

16 August 2019

Charged With Homicide? 3 Things To Look For In A Criminal Defense Attorney


Being accused of a crime you didn't commit is a nightmare that no one wants to ever face. When the charges are taking the life of another, however, if you live in a state that has capital punishment, the stakes can be a matter of life or death — your own. According to the Innocence Project and a study sponsored by National Academy of Sciences, at least 4.1 percent of defendants sitting on death row are innocent.

3 May 2019