Getting Falsely Accused Of Embezzlement


Were you accused of embezzling money from the company that you work for? If the false accusation has led to you losing your job, you should get in touch with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You might be able to sue your employer if the accusation is found to be false. A criminal defense attorney can also help you avoid possible time in prison for a crime that you didn't actually commit. This article will give you general information in regards to fighting the false embezzlement charges with help from an attorney.

You Must Explain Why You Were Accused of the Crime

The attorney will begin on your case by first listening to you explain how you came about being accused of embezzlement. You will have to let the attorney know about you job position and what you were in charge of doing. He or she is likely to ask you numerous questions, so be ready to provide truthful details. For example, you might be asked if you and your ex-boss have ever been in a conflict before, even if it wasn't related to work. Don't hold back any information if you want your case to go as smooth as possible.

The Attorney Will Obtain Evidence of Your Innocence

Your financial records will play a major role in proving that you are not guilty of the crime that you are being accused of. If you have a bank account, you might be asked for several months or years of statements that can prove what was coming in and out of the account. The attorney might also investigate a few of the people that you work with if he or she suspects that any of them might be the actual perpetrators of the crime. Your attorney will find out if you were accused of embezzlement and fired simply because your ex-boss has a vendetta against you.

It is Possible That Your Case Will Not Go to Court

Before dragging you through a possibly long court battle, your attorney will try to settle the dispute out of court. He or she will present evidence to your employer via a venue in which mediation sessions can be held. The sessions will only take place if your employer agrees to attempt settling the situation out of court. However, if it is found that you were falsely accused due to your employer harassing you, the attorney might take the case to court to file criminal charges and a lawsuit on your behalf.

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29 March 2017

kids being charge with crimes they didn't commit

My son and a group of his friends got in some trouble for trespassing and were arrested. Every one of the boys that were there were charged with trespassing, criminal mischief and vandalism. I contacted all of the other boys' parents and we got together to discuss the situation. After hearing the boys' stories about what happened that day, we knew that we had to hire an attorney to get the boys out of some of the trouble they were in. I have been working on my blog to help other parents that are struggling with the legal system prosecuting their kids for things that they may not have done.