How To Mitigate DUI Charges


What you do after you have been arrested with driving under the influence (DUI) determines whether you will face aggravated or mitigated charges and penalties. The following measures will help steer you towards mitigated charges:

Attending Drunk-Driving Classes

Most people who are charged with DUIs have to attend DUI classes sooner or later; you can attend the classes voluntarily or the court can order you to do it during the sentencing stage. However, it is in your best interest to attend a DUI class as soon as possible; don't wait for the court.

For one, these classes really help, especially if you have an alcohol problem. On top of that, it's also a good way of getting onto the judge's good side. Attending DUI classes shows that you are remorseful, have recognized the error of your ways and you are taking measures to avoid future mistakes.

Taking a Plea Bargain

Apart from attending DUI classes, taking a plea bargain can also help. You may not believe it, but criminal courts don't take pride or joy in handling as many cases as possible. They are already bogged down with other cases—some more serious than yours—and the sooner they dispense with your case the happier they will be.

This is where plea bargaining comes in. Basically, you have to plead guilty to the charges against you so that the court can avoid spending resources on your trial. In exchange for your guilty plea, the court agrees to reduce your charges and penalties. As your attorney will advise you, you should only take this route if the prosecution has a watertight case against you.

Take Advantage Clean Driving Record

Lastly, if you have a clean driving record, you can also use it to argue for mitigated charges. Your main aim here is to present yourself as a law-abiding citizen who has made a one-time mistake. Obviously, it would also help if your vehicle was in perfect condition when you were stopped, you didn't cause any accident, your blood alcohol level barely exceeded the legal limit, and you have a clean criminal history. You may also benefit from having a few character witnesses testify as to your good standing in the society.

Hopefully, you won't be facing DUI charges any time soon. If you do get charged, remember the tips above and you may just defend yourself out of the sticky situation. The assistance of a DUI lawyer like James D'Angelo, ESQ will also go a long way in helping your case.


16 June 2017

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