3 Potential Ways You Can Contest A DUI Charge In Court


You've been pulled over and the officer determines that you are driving under the influence. This is a serious charge that can come with penalties as harsh as huge fines, loss of your license, and even jail time in some states. When you are accused of a DUI, you are facing a criminal charge, and criminal charges do get their time before a judge in court. While many cases will have no way of contesting where a DUI is concerned, there are some instances when you may be able to contest the charge and get away from the harsh penalties. 

You were pulled over without a good cause. 

Did you know that an officer has to have a good reason to pull you over even if they suspect you are driving under the influence? If you were breaking no laws of the road, did not have faulty equipment, or otherwise doing something to cause the officer to pull you over, your DUI charge may not hold up in court. For example, if the officer pulled you over because you were leaving a bar and not for any other reason, this is not sufficient evidence for them to pull you over. 

Your breathalyzer test results are unreliable.

A lot of people believe that a breathalyzer is the most reliable way to prove someone is under the influence of alcohol, but this is actually not the case. Many times, these tests provide faulty readings and it is not uncommon at all for this to be the reason for a DUI to get thrown out of court. A few reasons a breathalyzer test can be unreliable include:

  • You have certain diseases that make the alcohol content in your mouth higher than usual
  • You take certain medications that make the alcohol content in your mouth higher than usual
  • Your diet makes your alcohol content in your mouth higher than usual 

Additionally, if the breathalyzer test is not given properly by the officer, it can cause false or unreliable readings. 

You were given unreliable field sobriety tests alone. 

If the only thing that is used as evidence against you for your DUI case is the results of a field sobriety test given by the officer, you may be able to contest the charge in court. These tests are unreliable because there are so many variables that can affect common human reactions in these "test" situations. Contact a lawyer, such as from Boehmer Law, for more help.


21 October 2017

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