Defense Options For A Medication DUI


DUI is also commonly known as driving under the Influence and is typically related to alcohol intoxication. Alcohol seems to be the only substance that most people know to be associated with drunken driving and driving under the influence is a chargeable offense. By law, driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of above 0.08% is illegal in all 50 states.

However, apart from alcohol, there are other things that can be associated with DUI and this includes drugs, both prescription as well as illegal drugs.

Using any drugs when driving, whether medical marijuana or other prescribed muscle relaxers, will land you in trouble with the traffic police just the same as driving under alcohol influence would. A driver facing a DUI offence will find it hard to hide behind doctors' orders or a prescription.

Various drugs will affect different drivers in totally different ways, but some are considered even more dangerous than alcohol because they impair judgment, alertness, concentration and motor skills. If you happen to find yourself in a legal pickle because you were booked following an incident of drunk driving, then your best option is to get in touch with a DUI attorney immediately.

Why Do You Need a DUI Attorney

  • They are familiar with the court system

  • They have extensive knowledge in plea bargain details

  • They have the ability to navigate complex administration procedures

  • They will provide impeccable defense if you are a repeat offender

Your Legal Options for a Medication DUI

If you were driving under the influence on a prescription drugs, you will be treated the same way a drunk driver will by the law. An attorney will carefully assess your case in respect to that state and offer guidance and options.

DUI cases involving alcohol are more straightforward, unlike those for drugs. It gets trickier as the level of impairment is harder for officers to assess. An experienced DUI defense lawyer will always mount an effective defense to such charges.

If it is your first offense and the arresting officer testifies that you were indeed driving erratically your attorney will advise on whether to plead guilty and what the contrary would be in terms of consequences allowing you to make an informed decision.

If the best move is to plead guilty, he will go ahead to plea bargain such that the charge is reduced to a lesser one: From DUI to reckless driving. Most states will have sentence bargaining. This is most useful because it offers an avenue for a reduced charge and lesser jail time for a guilty plea.

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26 November 2017

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