Do You Have An Outstanding Warrant For Your Arrest? Here's How Bail Bond Services Help You Avoid Jail Time


Do you have outstanding warrants for your arrest? If you're the suspect of a criminal investigation, missed the date of a court appearance, or have a substantial amount of unpaid traffic tickets, a judge may have filed a warrant against you. When you have an outstanding warrant, you're always at risk – if you're pulled over for a minor traffic violation, police will run your information through a state database that will inform them of any outstanding warrants against you. To keep yourself safe and protect yourself from arrest, it's important to clear any outstanding warrants. Here's how a bail bondsperson aids you in this process.

How Do I Know if I Have Outstanding Warrants?

Speak to a bail bond agent to have a warrant check performed. While many counties and states allow you to search for warrants online, this information is often spread across different websites. Searching for warrants on your own can be difficult and frustrating. A bail bond professional can easily perform a warrant search and discover if you have existing warrants.

How Can a Bail Bondsperson Help With My Outstanding Warrants?

When you make arrangements with a bail bond service before presenting yourself to jail, the agent will accompany you to jail and post an appearance bail on your outstanding warrants. This allows you to go through a quick booking process, sometimes referred to as walkthrough booking or rapid intake. You simply show up at jail and immediately go through the booking process, are given a court date and are free to leave. You don't have to spend any time sitting in a jail cell.

This presents less interference to your normal life than if you were arrested by the police and brought to jail for your outstanding warrants. You may end up spending a night or two in jail before you can bail out, which can put your employment at risk. By making arrangements with a bail bond agent beforehand, you can easily rectify outstanding warrants against you without the need to spend time in jail.

Can All Warrants Be Cleared Through Appearance Bonds?

Some warrants are no-bail or body-only warrants. These types of warrants are typically reserved for suspects of violent crimes. You will not be able to go through the walkthrough booking process when you have one of these warrants against you – you are required to appear in front of a judge in order to receive a bond amount. If you have one of these warrants filed against you, speak to a criminal defense attorney. A defense attorney may be able to work with the legal system to convert these warrants to ones that you can post bail against.

Unexpected jail time interferes with work and your family life. It's important to clear your outstanding warrants in order to prevent an untimely arrest. In order to prevent disruption to your life, speak to a bail bond agent to discover if you have any outstanding warrants against you and clear yourself from them.


21 July 2018

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