A Few Things Your DWI Attorney Will Want To Know About Your Past


If you are currently facing charges for a DWI, you are probably seeking a resolution as soon as possible. First, though, you will want to deal with your DWI case and help your attorney understand your driving history. When you sit down and talk to a DWI attorney, they might ask you a few questions about your past, such as the questions below.

What is Your Driving Record Like?

Your driving record is almost certainly something that your DWI attorney will want to know about when dealing with your case. If you have a good driving record overall, then the courts might look at this as a mitigating factor in your DWI case. If you have received a lot of speeding tickets or other driving-related infractions in recent years, however, these things can negatively impact your case. Additionally, if you were charged with additional driving charges when you were charged with your DWI — such as if you were speeding, or if you ran a red light before you were pulled over — then these things can impact your case.

Have You Ever Been Convicted of a DWI?

In many states, the law is a lot harsher on people who get more than one DWI during a certain period of time. For first-time DWI offenders, the sentencing typically isn't quite as harsh. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't take your first-time DWI seriously, of course, but it does mean that you probably won't get the harshest sentence. If you have had more than one DWI — particularly in a relatively short period of time — then you might need a more aggressive defense to help you.

Do You Have a History of Alcohol-Related Offenses?

Along with looking at your previous DWI history, the courts might also look at your overall criminal record when handling your case. If you have been convicted of a lot of alcohol-related matters, even if they weren't related to driving, then it could impact your case. Therefore, your attorney will need to know about any drunk and disorderly charges, or other similar charges, that you might have been convicted of in the past.

It is important for your DWI attorney to be as knowledgeable about your case as possible when defending you. Therefore, your attorney might ask you a few questions, including the questions above. Make sure that you answer these questions as accurately and thoroughly as you can; this can help you help your attorney with handling your case in the best way possible.

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25 September 2020

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