You Can Defend Yourself Against Drug Charges


Drug charges may not seem especially serious at first, but it is possible that these charges can grow with time. Ultimately, you could end up facing serious charges you never expected to face — including felony charges.

So, how can you defend yourself against serious charges associated with drugs? These are the techniques your drug crime lawyer may try to use.

Short-Term or Momentary Possession

It is possible that you will use momentary possession as a defense against the charges. For example, somebody may have handed you something at a party, but you didn't realize what it was. You got rid of it as soon as you realized what it was.

This is especially helpful when you are accused of having the intent to sell drugs. Lack of real possession can help show that you are not going to sell substances.


In some cases, arresting officers do not listen to people when they claim they have a prescription for a medication. They may not listen to you, even if you have the documentation to prove it. You may have to prove in court that you had a valid reason to have these substances.

Your Rights Were Violated

Illegal search and seizure violates your rights, but it is all too common. It is important that you are accurate in recounting the events with your lawyer so they can determine what kinds of charges you are facing and whether you should have been charged to begin with.

Lack of Possession

Simply because the drugs were found on your property does not mean that you were the one who was in possession of them. For example, you might have had a party at your home, and the cops showed up to find substances. The drugs could have belonged to anybody at the party, but you are the one taking the blame because the house was yours.

If you are in a car, you might also make the claim that you were not even aware of the substances. You may have had no idea somebody else had anything illegal in their bag.

Speak With a Drug Crime Lawyer Now

You do not have a lot of time to delay when you are trying to get out of drug charges. You need to speak with a  law firm, such as Giancola-Durkin, P.A., to make sure that you have the tools necessary to defend yourself. Meet with a lawyer now to get on the right path.


29 June 2021

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