What About The House? How To Cope With The Way Divorce Affects Your Home


Changes are sure to happen when divorce occurs. One major way couples signal the end of the relationship is by moving out and no longer living under a single roof. That, however, is only the beginning of the changes that can be expected in regard to your living arrangements. For more to consider, read on.

Are You Abandoning Your Home?

While it can vary from case to case, some of those who leave the family home may not be likely to ever reside there again. If you think you might want to ask for the home in the settlement, you should encourage your spouse to move out rather than you. If things get heated in the courtroom, judges may favor the party that stays put, especially if there are minor children residing in the home too.

Cohabitation Thoughts

Not everyone can afford to live separately when things fall apart. In some cases, both parties can continue to reside in the home legally as long as they both agree to it. However, check with your divorce lawyer to ensure that you can be divorced if you cohabitate. If you choose to do this and it receives your lawyer's okay, be sure you both understand how you will handle the bills, outside relationships, sleeping arrangements, and more.

Put Things Off

You might want to delay selling your home if market conditions are not right or the home needs too much work. You might also agree that you are serving the best interests of your children by remaining in the home for a while. Both of you should be on the same page about when to sell and how to handle any proceeds, though. You might set a milestone date or some other point in time. Also, decide which party will be responsible for the mortgage payments and other common home expenses like repairs, insurance, and taxes. Alternately, you might both move out and rent your home out to a third party.

Get Rid of the Home Right Away

In most real estate markets right now, homes are selling as fast as they are listed — sometimes, sight unseen. That might mean that you can take advantage of that by placing your home on the market as soon as possible. If you manage to sell your home before your divorce is final, that's one less major asset to deal with. It might also be interesting to consider that most family court judges will order the house sold if the parties cannot agree on who is to keep it.

Discuss the above issues and more with your divorce attorney.


20 September 2021

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