Have You Been Accused Of Battery Or Domestic Violence? All You Need To Know About The Lawsuit


Domestic violence is a grievous criminal offense that can earn you a jail term. Besides a jail sentence, this crime can rob you of the right to live or visit your kids and spouse. For these reasons, it's prudent to understand what the charges entail and what you can do to avoid a conviction. 

A battery lawyer is quite invaluable when faced with such a criminal charge. They will ensure that you avoid mistakes that could aggravate the situation. Here's some essential information you need to know when facing battery or domestic violence charges.

You Can Successfully Fight the Charges and Clear Your Name

You have a right to defend yourself against the charges. However, engaging a lawyer in such a case is crucial for various reasons. For instance, your attorney will develop arguments to counter the evidence tabled by the prosecution. Their defense aims to prove that the defendant falsely accused you of battery to get back at you after a disagreement. The lawyer may also point out the missing details in the victim's story to indicate that it is insincere.

Another argument your attorney can bring up is that you injured the defendant while attempting to defend yourself or others. That means you retaliated since you feared the victim could harm you. A well-articulated defense can convince the judge that you never intended to commit the crime. As a result, they might hand you a lenient judgment or drop the charges altogether. 

You Can Use Different Strategies to Get a Lenient Judgment

A legal practitioner has in-depth knowledge about battery cases since they've handled them previously. Because of that, they'll quickly identify weaknesses in the prosecutor's case and use them as a defense. Anomalies in the case offer you an opportunity to negotiate for a lesser charge or acquittal. If the case shows weaknesses, the court might punish you for disorderly conduct or breach of peace instead of the battery. 

Your legal advisor can also prove that the evidence presented in court does not show that you committed a crime that deserves a jail sentence. They will request the judge to offer you the option of paying a fine or taking classes to rectify your behavior. 

Contact a battery lawyer immediately after getting arrested or charged with domestic violence. They will examine your case and find a suitable strategy to fight off the allegations. They may develop strategies demonstrating that your actions were not intentional, and that way, the judge can reduce or drop your charges. 

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26 April 2022

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