Three Ways To Resettle After A Domestic Situation


Domestic violence, whether it is emotional, physical, or verbal, is a hard situation to deal with. Getting out of the situation takes a lot of courage. If you are ready to leave a domestic violence situation, you will need to make a plan to resettle. Resettling by yourself will make you feel a lot better and help you to restart your life. Here are three ways to resettle when you are leaving a situation of domestic violence.

23 June 2018

Factors That Determine Appropriate DUI Sentencing


If you are facing a DUI charge, even if you have the help of a DUI attorney, it's not easy to know exactly what punishment awaits you in case you are convicted. This is because multiple factors will determine your sentence, factors such as these: Your DUI Record One of the first things the judge will consider is the number of past DUI convictions you have, if any. The more DUIs you have committed in the past, the more serious your punishment will be.

19 April 2018

2 Things You Should Know About Being Arrested And Posting Bail


If you have trouble with the law and are arrested, you might be wondering if you should post bail. What many people don't understand is how the criminal justice system works, so they assume that they shouldn't worry about posting bail, but in reality, it is usually best to do it. Here are some things you need to know about being arrested and bail. 1. You Can Be Arrested Without Being Charged

2 March 2018